Viedoc part of large, global Covid-19 vaccine study in China

The 6th China International Import Expo (CIIE) was held in November 2023 at the Hongqiao International Economic Forum in Shanghai. The prestigious event attracted around 385,000 attendees and some 3,400 exhibitors from across a wide range of industries. Viedoc Technologies was invited to represent the best of innovation and share insights into its award-winning eClinical suite. 

“CIIE is an excellent platform that can bring together industries to discuss how to overcome some challenges, such as the pharmaceutical industry, and speed up the research and development of new drugs,” says Feng Cheng, APAC Business Development VP of Viedoc Technologies. “China has always had many preferential policies in the field of health care, which can support the development of pharmaceutical companies. But at the same time, the pharmaceutical field has strict particularities, such as international regulations. China's pharmaceutical field is also accelerating its integration with international standards. This will help the quality of China's drug research and development and its future being a major player in the world.” 

Distinguished guests present at CIIE

China's imports of goods and services are expected to reach 17 trillion US dollars in cumulative terms in the next five years, reports news site Xinhua.  

Such is the importance of the event that foreign leaders from a wide array of countries, including Per Augustsson, the Ambassador of Sweden to China, were present at the opening ceremony, in which CIIE was presented as a key platform for global economic and trade cooperation. Chinese President Xi Jinping sent a letter to the expo, and Premier Li Qiang attended the event.  

Li told attendees: "China is willing to step up cooperation with all countries in innovation, facilitate the deep integration of science and technology with the economy, promote the sharing of innovation results, and strive to remove barriers that hamper the flow of knowledge, technology, talent and other factors of innovation." 

“Viedoc Technologies attaches great importance to China’s large and potential market, which is mainly reflected in three aspects,” adds Feng. “First, China’s insistence on reform and opening has brought a lot of policy support to foreign-funded enterprises. Second, there is room for development in general health. As the average lifespan of the Chinese population increases, people pay attention to health, and the market demand for drugs is also increasing. For example, our electronic software system can help speed up the research and development of new drugs for cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and cancer. Third, the Swedish head office, which has just celebrated its 20th anniversary, has always had confidence in the Chinese market. It established a Chinese subsidiary in Shanghai in 2016, hoping to work with its peers to promote the quality and effectiveness of new drug research and development and benefit the people.” 

Incubating innovation at CIIE 

Viedoc Technologies was represented by a dedicated team at the event and had a booth within the Innovation Incubation Zone of the fair–where some 300 projects from 36 countries and regions were exhibited, covering carmakers, manufacturing, consumer goods, medical care, agricultural technologies, and other fields.  

Under the banner of Sino-Nordic Sustainable Cooperation in CIIE, Feng was invited to join a panel discussion at the Innovation Incubation Zone during the event, covering topics such as innovation practice, strategy, and having an entrepreneurial mindset. 

He was joined by Byron Yin, General manager of LEO Pharma China; Bao Sen, China Representative of Genano; Thong Chi Luu, SVP HH&N Asia/General Manager China, Aker BioMarine Antarctic; Dr. Yuchong Wang, Founder & CEO, Shanghai Polaris Biology; and Jiang Minchen, Chairman of the Board, Shanghai Dabuziduo lnformation and Technology.  

Viedoc puts people first 

The best solutions, in any situation, come from understanding people's needs, being honest, and respecting differences. This is what makes Viedoc a prime example of the next generation of eClinical software for decentralized and hybrid trials.

Today, we live hybrid lives in a remote world, where we move fluidly between physical and digital spaces. Viedoc seamlessly reflects that transition, making clinical trials smooth and engaging—regardless of the participant’s age or where they sign in from.

We have built the most up to date, engaging ePRO/eCOA solution on the market—Viedoc Me. Designed to ensure the smoothest and simplest data collection process yet for you and your patients, directly from the source. Everyone can easily connect to Viedoc via their device anywhere, from Canada to Cambodia. See the symptoms and side effects patients are experiencing as they report them, so you can intervene at a moment’s notice, and set languages for translation to get local and speak everyone’s language with ease.  

Committed to our customers across China 

As a leading provider of data collection software for clinical trials, we at Viedoc Technologies understand the importance of being familiar with the market in which we operate. To ensure this, we are committed to providing superior service and support to our clients using Viedoc in China.  

Viedoc Technologies has been operating in the Chinese market since 2015, and our differentiation is compliant software and regulatory expertise from all major regions, brought to the Chinese market in a local instance. 

“20 years ago, we were a company that provided data management and analysis services to pharmaceutical companies developing new drugs. After development, the company independently developed an electronic system for clinical research. The market feedback was good, and the company paid more attention to the future of this field. After eight years of operation, the subsidiary established in China now has all data stored in China and can better provide services for clinical research projects in China,” explains Feng. 

In September 2023, Viedoc Technologies held the inaugural Viedoc user group meeting in China, bringing some of the most prominent names at the company to Shanghai to share insights into our award-winning eClinical suite. The two-day event offered users the opportunity to listen to case studies, network with industry peers, and enjoy breakout discussions to supercharge their clinical trials. 

Our team in China is composed of experts who are knowledgeable in the cultural and regulatory nuances of the market. Our solutions have been designed to run clinical trials in China seamlessly and efficiently, with servers located in the country—and dedicated Business Development and Professional Services teams to support them. 

Viedoc Technologies has an office in Shanghai and a special Chinese website