Introducing Templates

Viedoc shortens setup times while raising standards by introducing study templates

The life science industry has been challenged into rapidly changing how clinical trials are conducted. For Covid-19 studies, there has been a need to act more swiftly and set up databases faster than ever before. But the need for high-quality setups is still as high as ever before. After the pandemic, it will continue to be advantageous for companies to shorten setup times while maintaining quality in the race to return to normal. To ensure our clients can produce the highest quality setups while saving time, Viedoc is now introducing study templates.

Shorter setup times—today
Viedoc provides industry-leading setup times already today. Because Viedoc is a unified database, achieving rapid setup times is built into its DNA. All Viedoc's features and functionalities are accessible with a single login. The Designer and Admin tools are used for all configurations in Viedoc studies. The entire study design is also made in one application—no integrations, no delays, no hassle.

New studies in under four weeks
When designing a new study in Viedoc, the CRF library supplies users with a rich set of forms and associated edit checks. Using the provided CDISC CDASH forms, short-time study builds are the norm. Because Viedoc natively supports CDISC ODM files, you can:

  • easily import a previous study design in the CDISC ODM format
  • including all settings
  • make the necessary changes
  • and, most importantly, go live quickly

Because there is only one Designer tool for your configuration, tasks including any of the following are completed without complication: form creation, edit checks, configurable roles, workflow process, integrations, ePRO/eCOA, randomization, and supply management, medical coding, and more.

So, what's new?
Even the most experienced study designer can learn new tricks. From October, study designers using Viedoc will have access to three high-quality pre-designed studies made by our professional services team. These studies can be used in whole or in part. Included with these sample studies are eCRF form templates, validation documents, and more, all to get you started as quickly as possible. Those with less experience building studies will see industry best practices in use and learn from them. Experienced users can save time by "cherry-picking" the best bits and raise their quality standards to standards of excellence.

Enjoy your trial!

Robert McGrath joins the Viedoc team

Robert McGrath
VP Business Development NA

Robert McGrath will be heading our Business Development department for the US market and strengthening our team throughout the region. After an extensive search for the ideal candidate, the choice of Robert was clear. His combination of knowledge, business savvy, and likability is a natural fit for the Viedoc team.

Robert has many successful years of experience within the Life Science industry. And his background gives him an extensive understanding of the US market and customers' needs.

While Viedoc has enjoyed enormous success in markets outside of North America, we are now expanding to increase our success in the US. Robert's onboarding is a significant step in our vision to give everyone access to world-leading eClinical software. His focus will be to foster client relations and expand our customer base.

The sales team and the entire staff welcome Robert to the Viedoc family.

Viedoc speaks your language

eLearning now in Chinese and Japanese, and seven new languages in ViedocMe

Our clients are used to Viedoc continuously improving. After all, we release an updated version of our software every 6-8 weeks. Viedoc's eLearning is no different — it just keeps getting better.

We introduced a completely new eLearning a while back that provides users with a more comprehensive user guide and detailed step-by-step instructions with more images and examples.

It's easier than ever to learn how to use Viedoc. Our eLearning is continually updated with information about the newly added/modified features in Viedoc. And every time it is, the new stuff is highlighted, making it easier for you to see what's new.

In the 4.60 release, apart from the new data masking functionality and the addition of the VIRP packet, the focus has been languages. Now we've translated our eLearning to Japanese and Chinese for all Designer documentation, completing the eLearning for our Asian markets.

Support for customer-specific lessons, where clients can write their documentation in the Viedoc eLearning format, is also available. Not only that, but documentation can be tailored and targeted to specific roles in the system, ensuring time and energy is spent on the things that matter.

We've also been studying hard and learned seven new languages to add to ViedocMe. ViedocMe now supports the following new system languages: Chinese (traditional), Croatian, Estonian, French (Belgium), Georgian, Latvian, and Lithuanian.

All this to ensure we speak the same language.

Introducing Data Masking

Maintaining data integrity, accountability, and traceability is key in clinical trials but can conflict with data privacy requirements. The immutable audit trail that is mandated can become an irreversible privacy breach if personally identifiable information is entered by mistake. For this purpose, Viedoc now introduces a privacy breach masking function.

This feature allows the site to mask data values that contain personally identifiable information and have been removed from the CRF, but are still exposed in the audit trail. Technically, it's a filter that sits on top of the audit trail and prevents anyone not having the auditor role, or regulatory inspector role, from examining the information beneath it.

With Viedoc 4.60 coming out this August, you can mask any personally identifiable information that is entered by mistake just as easily as you edit a record. How cool is that?!

Enjoy your trial.

Viedoc Inspection Readiness Packet—VIRP

Viedoc Technologies has recently published a white paper on how to be prepared for inspection when working in Viedoc.

Regulatory authorities expect to be able to review relevant documentation about the chosen systems used in a clinical trial. This expectation puts pressure on the sponsors and their representatives (CROs) to present the proper documentation upon inspection. But what is relevant? What should the sponsor or their representative have on hand and what can they expect the system supplier to deliver?

The white paper explains how Viedoc addresses inspector expectations on computerized systems used in clinical research. The paper details how Viedoc complies with clinical regulations, and how best to help you prepare for inspection by regulatory authorities.

The Viedoc Inspection Readiness Packet gives you access to all the necessary information you are expected to know about Viedoc and also advises on what additional documents you should have on hand if you should be inspected.

The white paper covers all of this, and much more, including:

  • Inspection Readiness
    • EMA CGP IWG Inspector Expectations
    • FDA Expectations
    • PDMA Expectations 
  • Viedoc Inspection Readiness Packet
    • Sourcing a system for your trial
    • Available documentation
    • Documents you produce
    • Additional documents kept by you
  • Validations to perform
  • Pitfalls to be avoided

Get ready to be prepared — read the white paper now to learn more.

Announcement of Employment

Axel Stael von Holstein
VP Business Development EMEA

UPPSALA / 2020-04-01

Viedoc Technologies is happy to announce the onboarding of Axel Stael von Holstein as Vice President of Business Development as of March 30th, 2020.

Axel comes to us with a long and varied experience within sales in the Life Science industry. His background gives him an extensive understanding of the market and our customers' needs.

Axel will be heading our Business Development department for the European market. His focus is to strengthen client relations and expand our customer base.

Filling the position of VP Business Development will ensure Viedoc's continued strong growth in Europe and around the world.

The Business Development team and entire Viedoc staff welcome Axel onboard.

Viedoc offers free licenses to support the global race for a COVID-19 vaccine

NEVER BEFORE HAS TIME BEEN MORE OF THE ESSENCE. We encourage every company in our field to join us in supporting the global research community in this effort. To do our part, Viedoc Technologies is offering free access to our software in all 2020 COVID-19 trials. Simply because it is the right thing to do.

Viedoc was created to help life science companies bring therapies to market faster by developing more efficient EDC technology. At no time has the impact of this mission been more evident than with the recent outbreak of the novel coronavirus (Covid-19). Only recently it would have been unthinkable to produce a completely new vaccine within the time frames that are being suggested today.

The outbreak of this virus has been responsible for the deaths of thousands globally and infected many more in a short period of time. The World Health Organization recently declared this to be a pandemic, only the fifth outbreak of this magnitude in over 120 years. Many measures are being taken by governments around the world to slow the extent of this novel virus. These steps taken are essential in slowing the spread to give the global scientific community time to find a vaccine.

We at Viedoc Technologies understand the importance and urgency of this unprecedented situation. This is why we are offering Viedoc free of charge to any institution in the search for a Covid-19 vaccine for the remainder of 2020.

For additional information, please contact us at Enable JavaScript to view protected content., and find out how we can get your study up and running in no time. Together, we can get a vaccine to market as soon as possible. In a world where minutes matter, we believe eClinical software can make a difference, one study at a time.

Responding to COVID-19 Viedoc continues fully operational

Viedoc has always been aware of how vital data safety, security, and access are to our customers. No matter the circumstances, we are committed to maintaining the high level of service expected of our clients.

Viedoc Technologies has been a stable provider of eClinical solutions for close to two decades now. We have always placed data integrity and security as our highest priority. The stability of our system has, in part, led to Viedoc's success and made us the dependable vendor we are today. Viedoc has always prioritized the security of data making us one of the most reliable players on the global market.

Just as important as the systems that run Viedoc are the people behind Viedoc. Our management team is continually monitoring the events surrounding the spread of the Covid-19 virus. The team's priorities are to ensure the safety of our staff and their families. And in doing so, assure the delivery of high-quality service to all our clients.


Is Viedoc prepared?
Yes. We have implemented our long-established business continuity plan in case of an event of this magnitude to ensure safe and smooth operations moving forward, including that of our suppliers. With offices around the world, we have executed a work-from-home strategy to mitigate any possible infection of our team to keep them healthy and secure.

Have actions have been taken?
A risk management group has been formed to monitor the progress of the current crisis and some precautionary messures have been take to minimize risks. For example most of your employees are woking home based to ensure as few as possible get sick at the same time. We have also been in touch with all of our suppliers to ensure continued service.

Will access to my trial data be affected due to the outbreak?
No. We see no risk for service interruptions at this time. Viedoc is hosted in Microsoft Azure data centers in several locations around the world with robust redundancies and frequent backups allowing us to stand by our Service Level Agreements.

Is my data safe?
Absolutely. Our technicians monitor the well-being of the system every minute of every day, year-round. With data centers spread over the world, our shared resources give our platform robust endurance being able to share resources to even any load.

Will everyone in my study continue to have access?
Yes. Being a web-based solution gives all users the flexibility of working from wherever there is internet access. Remote monitoring during the Corona outbreak has become necessary for many, which is done simply and efficiently with Viedoc.

How stable is Viedoc Technologies, the company behind Viedoc? 
Viedoc Technologies is a new name for many. However, we have been in this industry for nearly two decades. We have a broad and fantastic clientele spread over the globe. Our global presence is a strength allowing us to share duties and lighten the load whenever and wherever needed. All of this enables us to uphold a sound, safe, and robust system to the tens of thousands who use Viedoc every day.

For information about this or for any other questions you may have on data security and system quality, please reach out to us at Enable JavaScript to view protected content..

Announcement of promotion

Yusuke Nakazawa takes the position of General Manager at the Japanese offices on the 1st of March 2020

Yusuke Nakazawa
General Manager Viedoc Japan

Nakazawa-san joined Pharma Consulting Group Japan KK in 2012 and since then has proved to be an invaluable member of the company. Beginning as a Technical Data Manager and working closely with all our Japanese clients, he has developed a fundamental understanding of the customers’ needs. Over the years he has held several positions within the company. Yet, customer needs have always been the primary focus for Nakazawa-san.

His promotion to the position of General Manager will ensure that PCG Japan and Viedoc will maintain their focus on the client. He will also secure continued growth and stability in the Asian markets.





我们将Viedoc的全球业务都整合统一放在了Microsoft Azure上运行

我们将Viedoc的全球业务都整合统一放在了Microsoft Azure上运行
经过几个月的准备和我们IT团队的努力,我们很高兴地宣布Viedoc的全球业务都统一整合在Microsoft Azure平台上运行了。这意味着我们在亚洲市场以外的所有客户会继续将其数据保存在欧洲,并且已迁移到法国。
Viedoc是使用Microsoft框架和产品开发和运营的。微软处于云计算开发的最前沿,并通过了ISO / IEC 27001、27017(云)和27018(云隐私)认证。因此,Azure是自然的选择。
“其实向Azure的迁移与我们的下一个目标紧密相连,我们的下一个目标是获得ISO 27001认证。由于Azure也获得了认证,因此我们所有人都可以从已经具有标准化且全球认可的安全工作的服务商中受益。”


新闻稿 2019-04-24





Viedoc中国区总经理周颖Yvonne Zhou说:“这是一个有利于各方的合作。利用PUCRI的临床试验专业知识将使我们能够为中国更多的生命科学组织提供服务,并加速药物开发,使患者能够更快地从当地市场和世界各地获得新疗法。”




周颖Yvonne Zhou,  Viedoc总经理,  Enable JavaScript to view protected content.
John Overend,  Viedoc全球销售和营销总监,  Enable JavaScript to view protected content.
Henrik Blombergsson,  Viedoc联合创始人兼首席运营官,  Enable JavaScript to view protected content.

Viedoc PMS - 新产品


期待已久的上市后监管(PMS)应用程序,Viedoc PMS™,终于来了!Viedoc PMS 在12月6日发行,主要是针对我们的日本客户,因为日本的PMS研究不同于世界的其他国家。新发布的Viedoc PMS作为一个标准程序,内置在我们世界级的平台上。在过去五年,该平台已被实践应用于各个研究阶段,各个治疗区域, 和各个研究类型。除了Viedoc PMS, 我们还附加了一些针对日本临床项目管理流程的功能,比如支持在小册子里收集数据;允许数据在特定的时间范围内收集,而不是在一个具体的访问时间点上收集;允许数据在中心和项目发起者之间来回发送/接收,该功能在日本被称为“开封”。

自从新增了Viedoc PMS,我们现在在日本市场提供最先进的EDC系统!

阅读更多关于Viedoc PMS的信息




这个月,我们欢庆卓越运营的第 15 个年头!如今 Viedoc 已遍及 70 多个国家,越来越多的研究开始使用我们世界第一的电子数据采集(EDC)系统。不妨今天就联系我们的销售代表,一起加入这场成功之旅!您将观看演示,初步了解我们的产品,之后能够访问平台,亲身感受现代 EDC 产品的魅力。

Enjoy your trial!

Alan Yeomans主持线上研讨会,分享合规医疗试验的电子数据要求

Alan Yeomans主持线上研讨会,分享合规医疗试验的电子数据要求

Alan Yeomans 是我们一位知识渊博的质量经理,他再次受邀电子医疗论坛(eClinical Forum)面向全球观众开展一堂线上研讨会。研讨会课题为"合规医疗试验的电子数据要求(eCF Requirements)",将于 4 月 17 日举行。

Yeomans 在行业中已有 30 年的从业经验,曾在世界各地众多行业顶级盛会上发表演讲,如电子医疗论坛、药物信息协会(DIA)和临床数据交换标准协会(CDISC)。

在 Yeomans 任职于 Viedoc 的这 10 年中,他为公司的发展贡献了关键力量。最近,他帮助 Viedoc 团队完成了通用数据保护条例(GDPR)方面的合规工作。Viedoc 的客户因此可以完全放心自己使用的系统符合所有行业法规,从而可以专注在自己最擅长的工作上!

Viedoc - Enjoy your trial


Viedoc Release: Improved patient compliance & advanced scheduling

Viedoc 4.39 已经上线,这次升级改进了受试人依从性的功能,并优化了用户使用流程,详见以下:

  • 重复提醒:这个重磅功能支持在受试人访视的前后设置无限次数的提醒,以此提高受试人依从性,让受试人不会遗忘任何一次ViedocMe电子日志访视。  
  • 访视计划高级设置: 系统支持设置重复访视,大大降低了设置受试人电子日志的工作量
  • 重复表单:轻松实现同一表单需要多次重复填写的用户建库需求
  • 使用Viedoc特定版本数据结构来实现导出以及API对接



Meet us in Orlando Florida at 9th Annual SCOPE Summit



Join us at the User Group Meeting in Frankfurt


会上,您将有机会与我司代表以及行业中其他用户进行互动。此次大会邀请了GDPR的专家前来分享,您还能听到行业内参,数据接入 API发展、以及Viedoc系统最新研发,以及正在运行的Viedoc项目。



Viedoc与您相约马尔默NLSDays 2017!

Meet us at NLSDays 2017 in Malmö

我司将于9月12-14日在马尔默参加了NLS Day的主题活动!

我司创始人之一Sverre Bengtsson将在9月14日发表演讲并参与问答环节。他将在主题厅Plenary Room第5超级分论坛发表主题演讲。
演讲时间是从8:00到9:15分, 主题是:临床前和临床方法的发展。



期待与您在NLS Days上相见!

Viedoc将参加九月24-27号在美国奥兰多举办的SCDM 2017 年度大会

Join us in Orlando at the SCDM 2017 Annual Conference, September 24-27

每年,SCDM年度大会总是能够吸引到来自全球的临床数据专家。我司多年来连续参加SCDM大会,今年也不例外。今年大会的议程里,包含了许多重量级的讲者,对许多当下的热点研讨会和议题展开探讨,其中最让我司关注的,是“电子数据源在全球的机遇”,以及“临床数据采集和临床研究技术的最新趋势”。 欢迎您届时前来我司站台#708咨询。您也可通过以下链接与我司取得联系:https://www.viedoc.com/contact-us/


所有参加2017年SCDM大会的与会者,都有机会赢取Viedoc系统12个月的使用权! 机会难得,不容错过。通过以下方式参与:

  1. 来我司#708展台留下您的名片。
  2. 转贴至社交媒体,并在展台留下您的大名。



  • I/II期试验
  • 中心不超过10家(包括10家)



Viedoc 4.36 版已经上线!

Viedoc Release: Facilitating lab data entry and management

Viedoc的一次重磅更新,实验室正常值管理让实验室数据录入变得更加便捷。 您以后能够集中管理不同实验室数据来源的参考值,只需要将参考值一次性填写完毕,即可在受试人的表单中自动生成。同时,实验室数据与数据来源相关联,也允许同一个数据与多个数据来源相关联,允许中心从多个实验室正常值里选择合适受试人的正常值。


为什么要设立Viedoc MVP奖?

Why nominate for the Viedoc Most Valuable Professional Award?

Viedoc诞生于一个共同的梦想和目标:提高临床试验电子数据采集质量,并成为行业领先EDC供应商。实现这个目标,离不开我们与客户全面沟通合作。由此,我们隆重推出Viedoc最有价值专业奖(Viedoc MVP)。设立Viedoc MVP奖,旨在认可客户对于Viedoc系统的突出贡献,包括热衷于临床试验电子数据采集,并乐于分享技术专长和Viedoc现实世界使用技巧和知识。我司管理层团队在内部讨论之后,提出候选人名单,并最终授予个人贡献最大最杰出的一位获奖者。

在今年6月13日的东京用户大会上,我司把首个Viedoc MVP 奖授予真横堀社长。2008年,真社长接受Viedoc系统建库培训,是首批使用Viedoc的用户,并在多个临床试验中使用Viedoc进行数据采集。真社长是优良临床试验规范GCP的代言人,并将GCP融入其试验设计中,最大化Viedoc的功能来提高试验质量。他是一个特别有洞见的业界专家,并致力于提高和改进临床试验行业,Viedoc也是在这个浪潮中诞生的。

欲知如何成为MVP提名候选人,请前往Viedoc MVP专页



8th Viedoc User Group Meeting Japan






Meet us at DIA 2017 Global Annual Meeting in Chicago

DIA 2017是生命科学行业最大的跨学科的综合性展会,集聚各行业也的专家学者于一堂,共同展望临床医药行业的前沿创新和发展,探讨更安全更有效的药品和治疗方法。


所有参加2017年DIA大会的与会者,都有机会赢取Viedoc系统12个月的使用权! 机会难得,不容错过。通过以下方式参与:

  1. 来我司#635展台留下您的名片
  2. 在展台预约Demo。若您成功预约Demo,即代表您也成功注册抽奖环节
  3. 转贴至社交媒体,并在我司展台留下您的大名


  • I/II期试验
  • 中心不超过10家(包括10家)


Viedoc新版发布: 新增图片上传功能

Viedoc 4.35 版已经上线!

Viedoc Release: File upload in ViedocMe

Viedoc 4.35 升级版支持在ePro系统ViedocMe中上传图片的功能。从此,受试人能够更加简便地通过手机直接上传图片到数据库。除此之外,此版本还包括了其他实用的功能,例如下载数据库设计方案,并按照每行一项导出至Excel/CSV格式的文档。更多详情,请参阅升级文档,并同时观看最新制作的新功能精彩集锦视频。


临床试验以及生物医药研究领域实施《欧盟一般数据保护条例(EU GDPR)》白皮书

2018年5月25日,欧盟一般数据保护条例将会生效。任何与欧盟进行商业往来的企业和个人都必须遵守这项条例。 我司作为一家欧洲企业,也将受此条例的约束。

条例要求公司对信息享有完全的管理权和支配权。临床医药行业早已经对此予以高度重视。所有行业内的企业都知道这是医药研发成功与否的关键 ,所以条例并不会对企业正常运行造成太大影响。公司只需要确保其内部规范和政策与条例中的规范保持一致。


下载白皮书:临床试验以及生物医药研究领域实施《欧盟一般数据保护条例(EU GDPR)》


Viedoc 4.34 版已经上线!

Viedoc Release: File upload

最新的4.34版Viedoc系统推出了文件上传功能,中心用户能够把图片、文件、PDF,或者照片等作为eCRF数据的一部分上传到系统中统一进行数据管理。 每一个文件上传后,用户还能够在系统中查看上传文件大小、以及用户名是否唯一等。 更多信息,敬请垂询!



Meet us in London for the CDISC event!

我司将参加今年4月24-28日在伦敦召开的CDISC欧盟大会。 欢迎您前来参会,与Viedoc一起展望EDC系统的未来。


WHO-Drug授予Viedoc C-format认证

Viedoc 4.33 版已经发布!

Viedoc certified for C-format by WHO-Drug




Viedoc新版发布:VAS 视觉模拟量表!

Viedoc 4.33 版已经发布!

Viedoc 4.33 版在ViedocMe模块中添加了视觉模拟量表(VAS),受试人可通过VAS表选择痛感或疾病的强弱程度。 用户使用 iPad mini 2到iPad mini 4打开ViedocMe时,VAS量表显示长度为10cm。系统保存受试人录入信息的同时,所使用的的平板电脑型号也会一并记录。





Enjoy your trial!

Viedoc 新版发布:数据导入

Viedoc 4.30 版已经发布!

Viedoc 4.30 版支持数据导入功能,外部数据导入Viedoc更为便捷。可通过数据映射文件将外部数据转成CDISC ODM格式,在通过API接口导入Viedoc系统即可。详情敬请垂询我司。





  • 动态随机
  • ViedocMe支持不固定访视和普通访视



DMB annual conference in Paris, November 7


具体地点是位于巴黎的Maison Internationale (Cité Internationale)。



Viedoc UGM 2016

欢迎参加2016年在日本东京举行的Viedoc用户大会,了解Viedoc3,ViedocPMS, ViedocMe以及Viedoc 4的最新功能。

日期: 2016年6月14日
时间: 13:00 – 17:00
晚宴: 17:00 – 19:00
地点: 瑞典驻日本大使馆诺贝尔礼堂



Version 4.25 现可用!



  • 医学编码模块
  • ViedocMe 中设置提醒
  • 受试人选择页面上添加总页数



Version 4.24 现可用!

Medical Coding


  • 通用设计模板
  • 医学编码模块



eClinical Forum in Uppsala Sweden 17-19 May 2016




14th Annual PCT Partnerships in Clinical Trials

我司将于2015年11月18-19日参加在汉堡举办的临床试验合作年会。欢迎来我司展台参观!若您希望预约Viedoc系统演示,请联系Mats Klaar (Enable JavaScript to view protected content.) 。


DMB annual conference in Paris, November 10




SCDM 2015 Annual Conference

你将会看到全新的EDC和ePRO系统,与我司参会的公司创始人之一 Sverre Bengtsson见面,并观看系统演示等等。



Viedoc electronic systems in clinical trials


Date: 2015-09-22

瑞典药物科学院(SAPS)邀请了来自英国药品和健康产品管理局(MHRA),丹麦卫生和药品管理局(DHMA),和瑞典药品管理局(MPA)的专家组成专家组,并同时邀请业内专家,学术界代表以及供应商前来与会,一起讨论临床试验中会用到的电子系统,包括EDC, eCRF,ePRO, eTMF,EHRs等的应用情况,以及由使用电子系统所带来的核查发现。来自制药行业、CRO公司和临床中心的各界人士将共同探讨使用电子系统的利与弊。



Bio Europe Spring 2015

我司参加了与2015年3月9-11日在巴黎举办的生物欧洲春季展会并且设有展台。欢迎联系我司创始人之一Sverre Bengtsson预约会谈。


Viedoc UGM

欢迎来到日本东京参加今年的Viedoc用户大会,届时将会展示Viedoc平台上Viedoc3, ViedocPMS, ViedocMe 以及Viedoc 4的最新功能。




2015年2月27日, 瑞典乌普萨拉


随着公司队伍的壮大,为了促进业务发展以及提高客户满意度,我司已决定搬至坐落于Dragarbrunnsgatan 46号的新办公室。诚邀你来一起庆祝乔迁之喜。


7th DIA China Annual Meeting

我们将参加今年于上海举办的DIA展会。您对于EDC感兴趣吗? Viedoc4是现在最新的EDC和ePRO平台。欢迎您莅临我司展台,与中国大客户经理Hazel He见面,了解Viedoc系统如何能够给你的临床试验带来改变。



我们最新的ViedocMe模块,让您更轻松地收集受试人问卷信息。ViedocMe适用于任何平台和设备,受试人填写的任何问卷信息都实时无缝上传至Viedoc Clinic中,供研究者查看。