Viedoc has always been aware of how vital data safety, security, and access are to our customers. No matter the circumstances, we are committed to maintaining the high level of service expected of our clients.

Viedoc Technologies has been a stable provider of eClinical solutions for close to two decades now. We have always placed data integrity and security as our highest priority. The stability of our system has, in part, led to Viedoc's success and made us the dependable vendor we are today. Viedoc has always prioritized the security of data making us one of the most reliable players on the global market.

Just as important as the systems that run Viedoc are the people behind Viedoc. Our management team is continually monitoring the events surrounding the spread of the Covid-19 virus. The team's priorities are to ensure the safety of our staff and their families. And in doing so, assure the delivery of high-quality service to all our clients.


Is Viedoc prepared?
Yes. We have implemented our long-established business continuity plan in case of an event of this magnitude to ensure safe and smooth operations moving forward, including that of our suppliers. With offices around the world, we have executed a work-from-home strategy to mitigate any possible infection of our team to keep them healthy and secure.

Have actions have been taken?
A risk management group has been formed to monitor the progress of the current crisis and some precautionary messures have been take to minimize risks. For example most of your employees are working home based to ensure as few as possible get sick at the same time. We have also been in touch with all of our suppliers to ensure continued service.

Will access to my trial data be affected due to the outbreak?
No. We see no risk for service interruptions at this time. Viedoc is hosted in Microsoft Azure data centers in several locations around the world with robust redundancies and frequent backups allowing us to stand by our Service Level Agreements.

Is my data safe?
Absolutely. Our technicians monitor the well-being of the system every minute of every day, year-round. With data centers spread over the world, our shared resources give our platform robust endurance being able to share resources to even any load.

Will everyone in my study continue to have access?
Yes. Being a web-based solution gives all users the flexibility of working from wherever there is internet access. Remote monitoring during the Corona outbreak has become necessary for many, which is done simply and efficiently with Viedoc.

How stable is Viedoc Technologies, the company behind Viedoc? 
Viedoc Technologies is a new name for many. However, we have been in this industry for nearly two decades. We have a broad and fantastic clientele spread over the globe. Our global presence is a strength allowing us to share duties and lighten the load whenever and wherever needed. All of this enables us to uphold a sound, safe, and robust system to the tens of thousands who use Viedoc every day.

For information about this or for any other questions you may have on data security and system quality, please reach out to us at .